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    Proud Mom Kelly Clarkson Gushes As Daughter Follows Her Footsteps

    This wildly-popular winner of American Idol and newly-added Voice coach just celebrated her baby girl’s very first concert performance – and she couldn’t be more proud!

    Kelly Clarkson, who is married to Reba McEntire’s stepson Brandon Blackstock, has two beautiful children River Rose and Remington Alexander – both of whom recently appeared in her music video for “Meaning of Life.”

    River Rose, who is just four years old, recently followed in her mom’s footsteps and gave her very first performance during a kids concert – and Clarkson positively gushed over the moment!

    Along with her own two kids, she also is the stepmom to two children Blackstock had during his previous marriage. All the kids love her, and they get along swimmingly! So, joining Clarkson and River Rose at the kids concert was Savannah Blackstock – who also praised her little sister for a job well done.


    Clarkson’s wee little one was decked out in a sparkly silver dress and was all smiles as she posed for photos with her mama and big sis!

    The kids concert performance was themed around disco music and the era it came from, but Clarkson hasn’t revealed which song her little one performed. Captioning this candid photo on Twitter, she expressed her great feeling of pride in the best of ways!

    “My disco diva nailed her first performance ever!!” Clarkson gushed. “#RiverRose #ProudMomAlert kid concerts are the greatest!”

    See the precious photo below in her full tweet – and watch her music video for “Meaning of Life” below which features both her adorable children!


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    Surprise…Kelly Clarkson Has A Brand-New Duet With Popular Country Duo

    Country Music Always Welcomes Kelly Clarkson

    Kelly Clarkson may have started off as a pop singer, but she’s never remained within the restrictions of that genre. She would often record stuff with a bit of a rock and roll edge, while her latest album features a distinct soulful influence.

    Another genre that Clarkson has ventured into is country music. It’s a genre she’s jumped in and out of from early on in her career, and you can tell it’s a genre she loves.

    Clarkson has actually considered recording a country album in the future. She has hinted at her plans to do so, but hasn’t released a full project yet. Though we do still have a few country songs from her.

    Clarkson’s Past Collaborations=Great Success

    In addition to covering country classics at her concerts, Clarkson has also had a few country hits of her own. She recorded a new version of her song “Because of You” with future mother-in-law Reba McEntire, and scored a number one hit with Jason Aldean on their duet “Don’t You Wanna Stay.”

    While Clarkson has continued to collaborate with country stars in more recent years (such as singing on McEntire’s 2017 gospel album), she hasn’t released a major country collaboration since 2010’s “Don’t You Wanna Stay.”

    Finally, after an eight year wait, fans of Clarkson’s can rejoice, because she is debuting a brand-new duet. And she’s singing with one of country music’s most popular duos right now!

    Duo’s New Song To Feature Clarkson As Vocalist

    On Thursday (May 17), country duo Dan + Shay revealed their plans to release their self-titled album in June. The duo’s first two albums, Where It All Began and Obsessed, produced hit singles such as “From the Ground Up,” “How Not To,” and “Nothin’ Like You.” 

    Their new record will feature their Top 10 hit “Tequila,” as well as their current single, the romantic “Speechless.”

    We also learned about the other songs on the album when the duo revealed the tracklist on their Instagram. It was through this tracklist that their collaboration with Clarkson was uncovered.

    As the tracklist shows, Clarkson will be singing with Dan + Shay on a song called “Keeping Score.”


    A post shared by Dan + Shay (@danandshay) on

    Knowing how successful Clarkson’s past country collaborations have been, it would be wise on Dan + Shay’s part to release “Keeping Score” as a single. Only time will tell if they will!

    Until you get to hear “Keeping Score,” enjoy Clarkson’s previous hit country duet, “Don’t You Wanna Stay” by watching the video below.

    Are you just as excited as we are to hear this new song from Clarkson and Dan + Shay? Maybe Clarkson will now consider making an entire country album of her own!

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    5 Perfect Photos Proving Maggie McGraw Is Spitting Image Of Mama Faith Hill

    From the moment they welcomed their oldest daughter Gracie into the world, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill made it their mission to give her as normal of a life as possible. They maintained this mission with middle daughter Maggie and their youngest, Audrey, choosing to shield them all from the spotlight.

    While other artists had no problem sharing photographs of their children, Tim and Faith kept their girls as hidden as they could. So any pictures of them were a rarities treasured by country fans far and wide.

    As the girls grew older, Tim and Faith became a little less cautious. Gracie and Maggie are both in college by now, and their parents seem more comfortable about sharing photos and videos of them than they do of Audrey, who is still living at home.

    Even though Tim and Faith have hardly shared any photos of their girls, they’ve shared just enough for us to pick up on one thing. Maggie seriously looks like she could be her mama’s twin!

    Since you surely haven’t seen many photos of her, we gathered five pictures that prove just how similar Maggie looks to her mama. She’s her spitting image, and these pictures make it obvious!

    Photo #1

    My date for the night! #AMAs #Maggie

    A post shared by Tim McGraw (@thetimmcgraw) on

    When Faith was unable to attend the American Music Awards with him one year, Tim decided to bring her mini-me Maggie along as his date. Since the photo is a close-up, you can clearly see just how similar Maggie’s face is to her mama’s!

    Photo #2

    Tim shared this photo in 2016 to celebrate his middle daughter’s 18th birthday. Even though she was younger then, you can still see her mother’s features in her face. Reminds us a lot of Faith when she was younger!

    Photo #3

    Want a direct comparison? Here’s one! Faith shared this sweet tropical snapshot in honor of Maggie’s 19th birthday in 2017. You can tell that they have the exact same smile!

    Photo #4

    Los Poblanos outside of Albuquerque, NM.

    A post shared by Faith Hill (@faithhill) on

    Faith accompanied Maggie on her way to college, and documented the entire trip. The photos she shared during that time proved more than ever that her daughter is definitely her twin! Just take this one as a prime example.

    Photo #5


    Also from their college road trip, this photo shows Faith and Maggie taking a break in Valentine, Texas. With both ladies looking at the camera, you can clearly see the similarities in their faces. There’s no denying that Maggie inherited her mama’s good looks!

    As further proof of how similar Maggie and Faith are, just watch the video below of them singing Taylor Swift‘s “Bad Blood” on their road trip. You know what they say, like mother, like daughter!

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    Songwriter Explains Problem Writing With Carrie Underwood

    Having penned almost half a dozen hits with Carrie Underwood, this world-famous songwriter finally comes forward and reveals the true “trouble” writing alongside this powerhouse female vocalist.

    Underwood, who has unleashed a seemingly-endless number of hits across country music radio, often has worked with the best songwriters you can find in Nashville – and among the best is Ashley Gorley.

    As one of the best in town, Gorley has penned chart-topping hits with not only Carrie Underwood, but also Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Reba McEntire, Trace Adkins, and many more.

    Gorley first developed his musical ear after deejaying parties for friends in middle school. He grew up in rural Kentucky and liked the idea of seeing people respond to the music he played.

    “I just got a feel for what made songs sound more like hits,” Gorley told People.

    Next, he set his sights on Nashville and songwriting. Determined for success, he made sure to perfect his skills in every way he could so that crafting the perfect tune wouldn’t be too difficult.

    “If there were some people who were only good at words or some people who were only good at melody … then those people only got certain calls. So I wanted to be good at everything.”

    But now, he’s finally revealing the most troublesome part of working alongside one of the biggest names in country music: Carrie Underwood. 

    Underwood, he says, might be the hardest person to write a song with…but it’s not because she’s being difficult.

    “The trouble with writing with Carrie is that when she sings it back…it’s going to sound amazing,” he confessed. “So you can get away with a bad line or two if you’re not careful.”

    To avoid this problem, sometimes he sings with his untrained voice and says that if it just sounds “okay” that likely means it’s awesome.

    Listen to Ashley Gorley sing the hit song he wrote for Luke Bryan below and let us know what you think in the comments! 

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    Why Is Luke Bryan Acting So Sneaky About The ‘American Idol’ Finale?

    Idol Judges Prep For Season Finale

    The two-night American Idol finale doesn’t kick off until Sunday (May 20), but we already know that we’re in for some outstanding performances.

    In addition to performances from the top three contestants, Idol has rallied a number of major music stars to perform during the finale. Just a few of those artists include Darius Rucker, Nick Jonas, and Kermit the Frog!

    All three judges, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan, also have performance slots set during the finale. Out of the three, Bryan’s performance is the one that viewers are probably anticipating most.

    Getting Hyped To Hear Bryan

    So what’s the reason why some Idol fans are more anxious to see Bryan sing than another other judge? Well, it’s likely because unlike the other judges, Bryan has maintained an air of mystery around his performance.

    You could assume that Bryan will sing his current single “Most People Are Good,” however he hasn’t said if that’s the case. But that isn’t the only way that Bryan has created some intrigue over his finale performance.

    It turns out that he has a big surprise in store, and he sure is being sneaky about it.

    He Dropped A Big Hint

    In its report on the Idol finale, popculture.com quotes Bryan talking about his upcoming performance. His statement was short and sweet, but made it clear that something big is coming.

    I promise you don’t want to miss this one,” he said. “Special guest maybe?

    Of course, that surely sent many people’s minds racing as they tried to figure out who the special guest could be. Logic seems to say that it will be another big-name country star, but who?

    Or perhaps Bryan will completely surprise us by inviting someone from a different genre to sing with him? There’s no telling!

    Got Any Guesses On The Special Guest?

    After hearing Bryan talk, you know there’s at least one awesome performance to anticipate. We can’t wait to see who joins him on the Idol stage!

    In the meantime, you can enjoy one of Bryan’s best Idol moments by checking out the video below.

    What do y’all think of all of this? Do you have any clue who Bryan will sing with on the finale?

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    How Dolly Parton Saved Her Crumbling Marriage

    Dolly Parton’s Ever-Elusive Husband

    For decades, fans have wondered about Dolly Parton‘s elusive husband, Carl Dean. The couple married in July 1966, and have been together for nearly 52 years. Yet fans hardly know Dean, as he has chosen to remain out of the public eye.

    As Parton has said before, Dean has only ever seen her perform once. Instead of soaking in the limelight, Dean enjoys time away from the hustle and bustle by retreating to the couple’s Tennessee home.

    Even though Parton and Dean have been together for over half a century, people have been skeptical about their relationship. Many have wondered if Parton has been unfaithful, or if Dean is even a real person at all. These thoughts all stem out of the fact that we hardly ever see Dean.

    The Start Of Some Troubles

    But it is true that Dean is a real person, and he and Parton have enjoyed many years of marriage together. However, that doesn’t mean that those years have always been happy ones.

    During an interview with Closer Weekly, Parton opened up about a heartbreaking time in her life that put major strain on her marriage to Dean. As you may know, the two of them have never had any children, and there’s a reason why.

    In the early 1980s, Parton experienced several years of severe gynecological problems. Doctors determined it was necessary for her to have a partial hysterectomy, and though it would fix the problems, it meant that she could never have children.

    It was a really bad time,” Parton said. “Sometimes God just has to smack you down. He was almost saying, ‘Sit your pretty little ass down because we have to deal with some stuff!’

    Sadness, Affair, & Guilt

    But it wasn’t so easy for Parton to deal with that stuff. She admitted that she sunk into a depression and cut down a number of her professional duties.

    All of this was enough to place strain on her relationship with Dean, but there was one more thing that further weakened the crumbling marriage.

    During the same time frame, Parton admits that she felt great guilt over an emotional affair she was involved in while married to Dean. While the affair never became a physical one, Parton still felt horrible for being involved in it.

    Consumed by feelings of sadness and guilt, she nearly did something drastic.

    A Life-Changing Moment

    Parton has revealed before that she once came close to committing suicide. She has always credited her dog, Popeye, for saving her.

    She once again told the story of her suicide attempt in her interview with Closer Weekly:

    I looked at [the gun] a long time. Then, just as I picked it up, just to hold it, and look at it for a moment, our little dog, Popeye, came running up the stairs. The tap-tap of his paws jolted me back to reality, I suddenly froze and I put the gun down…Now that I’ve gone through that terrible moment, I can certainly understand the possibilities, even for someone solid like me, if the pain gets bad enough.

    So Popeye was responsible for saving Parton’s life, but what ended up saving her marriage to Dean?

    What Rescued The Relationship

    Parton also answered that question in her interview with Closer Weekly. And if you know anything about her, the answer shouldn’t surprise you at all.

    More than anything else, Parton credits her faith for saving her relationship with Dean. As she shared, she has relied on her faith to get her through every trial and crisis she has ever faced in life, even from the time she was young.

    A belief in God is essential,” she said. Speaking about her family, she later went on to add, “Our faith is the most important thing to all of us. It was the key to our survival.”

    Because of her faith, Parton is now preparing to celebrate her 52nd anniversary with Dean in July. And they couldn’t be happier!

    We know each other so well,” Parton said. “I know every line in Carl’s face, and he knows every hair in my wig!

    What do y’all think of the confessions Parton made in this intimate interview?

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    Carrie Underwood’s Son Shows Off New Talent

    Like father, like son! This country superstar’s son and her husband both love the outdoors and wildlife, but dad’s new business venture focuses most on hunting and fishing – so, naturally, he’s teaching both those things to their child!

    Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher first welcomed little Isaiah (or Izzy as they call him) into the world in 2015. Now that he’s just turned three, he’s getting to experience more and more unique things – like fishing with dad!

    Both Underwood and Fisher like to give Izzy the best experiences in life and they’re doing a great job! He is blessed to have parents that are able to spend great amounts of time with him and show him the world from a unique point of view.

    So grateful to have these 2 Awesome moms in my life! #happymothersday

    A post shared by Mike Fisher (@mfisher1212) on

    Hard to beat tobogganing with the little man in the great white north!

    A post shared by Mike Fisher (@mfisher1212) on

    Now that Fisher’s hockey season is over and he’s chosen to retire from the NHL, he’s able to do even more things with this son – and just recently, he taught him how to call wild turkeys!

    Fisher’s side business is a joint-venture with his brother called Catchin’ Deers. It’s both an apparel line focused on hunting humor and also a video series that covers many unique aspects of hunting, often with a humorous twist.

    Posting a video to Instagram, Fisher caught little Izzy using the bird call he’d taught him to use – and getting a response from a nested group of wild turkeys! The reaction on Izzy’s face is completely priceless – and Fisher called this a “proud dad moment.”

    Check out Mike and Izzy’s turkey calling skills below and let us know what kind of outdoor activities you share with your kids!

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    ‘Simple Man’ Becomes ‘Voice’ Singer’s Go-To Song In Desperate Moment

    Tension Rises As The Voice Prepares For Finale

    The Voice makes some pretty big cuts over the course of each season, but no cut is more devastating than the one made the week before the finale. In that cut, the final eight become the final four, and four other talented artists are sent home just short of the finale.

    During the Season 14 results show on Tuesday (May 15), three finalists were named, two artists were sent home, and three others were left to compete for an instant save spot. The way the instant save works is that each artist will sing a snippet of a song they prepared in advance, then viewers vote live for who they want to save.

    As you would expect, there’s a great deal of pressure placed on contestants who get thrown in to the instant save round. Especially so when that instant save determines whether or not you go on into the finale.

    Kaleb Lee Fights To Stay With Skynyrd Classic

    Competing against Team Blake‘s Pryor Baird and Team Kelly teammate Britton Buchanan, country artist Kaleb Lee stepped a bit out of his comfort zone and decided to perform a Southern rock classic. The song he chose was none other than Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s “Simple Man,” which is universally acknowledged as one of the greatest songs ever.

    Skynyrd covers, and covers of “Simple Man” specifically, have popped up on The Voice a number of times before. In fact, the group actually joined Season 7 winner Craig Wayne Boyd to perform with him during the finale.

    But just because “Simple Man” is a frequently covered song doesn’t mean that it’s an easy one to tackle. Lee knew that he had to nail his performance, otherwise his time on the show would be over.

    How Everything Turned Out…

    Of course, even if Lee delivered the most show-stopping performance of the season, there was always a chance that he could be sent packing by the end of the night. With those thoughts weighing heavy on his mind, he delivered his instant save performance of “Simple Man.”

    Despite all of the pressure weighing on him, Lee ended up issuing a solid performance. Many viewers expressed their feelings that it was one of his all-time best. Some went so far as to say it was his absolute best performance on the show.

    But was Lee’s best enough to save him from elimination? Unfortunately, no. In the end, Buchanan was the one who won the instant save, and Lee and Baird had to go home.

    Even though Lee didn’t win the instant save, he can take pride in knowing he delivered one of his greatest performances. Go ahead and watch it below, then tell us if you think he should have moved on into the finale.

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    Why Danica Patrick’s Dad Tried To Take Down Her Boyfriend

    Not long after it was revealed that she had ended things with fellow NASCAR driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr., rumors began to fly that Danica Patrick was dating Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

    Danica admitted that those rumors were true in January 2018 – and the two have been spotted publicly many times since.

    One point of conflict between Danica’s family and Rodgers is that they are diehard Chicago Bears fans – and come from the Greater Chicago Area. Being sports fans, their team allegiance often runs very deep, so this was something that came up the first time Rodgers met the Patrick family.

    While Danica has admitted that she’s going to be cheering for the Green Bay Packers team from now on, her father – T.J. Patrick – isn’t going to be swayed.

    The result of him meeting Rodgers for the first time? He “can’t be a Packers fan.”

    T.J. had been a Chicago Bears fan for more than 50 years when he first met Rodgers. And speaking with Autoweek, he confessed that when they met – he intended to take him down.

    “Actually, the first time we met him I told the kids I was going to wear my Brian Urlacher jersey and tackle him,” T.J. explained, referencing a famous Chicago Bears linebacker.

    Apparently, one of the kids (probably Danica) gave Rodgers a heads up on her dad’s plan, so he came prepared.

    “I couldn’t find [the jersey],” he continued. “[Rodgers] walked in and asked, ‘Where is your jersey?’ I told him I couldn’t find it. He said, ‘I would respect you a lot more if you had it on.'”

    What do you think of Danica Patrick’s dad and his first encounter with her new boyfriend? Watch the Patrick family discuss Danica’s career below. 

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    Kane Brown’s Seductive ‘Voice’ Performance Will Make Your Heart Pound

    Kane Brown In “Heaven” After Scoring #1

    On Tuesday (May 15), it was revealed that Kane Brown scored his first-ever solo number one hit with his current single, “Heaven.” As Billboard reports, the data shows that the song has topped the Country Airplay chart, while it still sits at the second spot on the Hot Country Songs chart:

    “I think we always knew something about this song [“Heaven”] was special, especially hearing the fan reaction when we play it live, but to have it go to No. 1 means so much,” Brown said in an interview with Billboard. “This means the world to me.”

    “Heaven” was a song that Brown felt a draw to from the moment he heard it. Written by Blake Anthony Carter, Matthew McGinn, and Lindsay Rimes, the song immediately reminded Brown of his fiancéeFeeling it was the perfect fit for him, Brown decided to record the song.

    Taking “Heaven” To The Voice

    You now know how that Brown’s decision paid off. He was clearly spot-on with his thought that “Heaven” was a good song for him.

    The song has obviously drawn a great deal of attention since its release, due in large part to its subtly sensual nature. Brown fully embraces this feeling through his performance of the song, which has surely left a few country girls feeling a bit faint.

    Appropriately, Brown was scheduled to perform “Heaven” on The Voice the same day that it finally hit number one on the Country Airplay chart. In celebration of the occasion, he ended up delivering a performance that was just as passionate as ever.

    Brown Leaves Voice Viewers Spellbound

    In the music video for “Heaven,” Brown stands in an empty room with twinkling lights all around him. He embraced that same simple vibe for his Voice performance, singing on a dimly lit stage with only a few neon lights.

    The simple stage setting allowed everyone watching to zero in on Brown and his voice. The crowd remained silent as they watched him perform, completely spellbound by what they were witnessing.

    As always, Brown also managed to perfectly capture the song’s sultry nature without going over the top. Because of this, we’re sure he got a few hearts pounding with his performance!

    Performance Draws Universal Praise

    Brown’s performance earned a wealth of praise from viewers, with some taking to its official YouTube video to comment on it. One person noted how they had never heard Brown before, but now consider themselves a fan.

    Another mentioned how good he sounds singing live. The viewer pointed out that some artists are overly auto-tuned on recordings and then don’t sound as good in a live setting. But according to them, that’s not the case with Brown!

    Now you can see the Voice performance everyone is raving about by watching Brown sing “Heaven” below.

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