Blake Shelton Sings A Fiery ‘Footloose’ While Julianne Hough Dances Up A Storm

Joe Simonetta / YouTube

When the film Footloose was released in 1984, there was one song on the soundtrack that had everybody cutting loose. That song was the film’s title track, which was originally performed by rock singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins, who also co-wrote the tune.

“Footloose” danced its way to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart and ended up in the fourth position on the year-end version of the chart. It also claimed the the number one spot on the charts in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, and was a Top 10 hit in various other countries.

When the film was remade in 2011, the filmmakers decided to change up the musical style a bit. While the original Footloose soundtrack was driven by rock music, the soundtrack for the 2011 remake featured more of a country influence.

The country vibe was strongest in the new version of “Footloose,” which was recorded by country superstar Blake Shelton. The change in style didn’t change the way that listeners felt about the song, and Shelton experienced a fair share of success with his recording. It has since been certified Gold by the RIAA for the sale of over 500,000 units.

Professional dancer and country singer Julianne Hough strengthened the remake’s country connection when she was cast to play the role of Ariel Moore, the rebellious teen daughter of the strict Reverend Moore. Ariel eventually falls in love with the film’s main character Ren McCormack, who was played by dancer and actor Kenny Wormald in the remake.

Before she started her acting and singing career, Hough was a professional dancer on the hit competition series Dancing with the Stars. She brought things full circle when she returned as a guest performer in October 2011, bringing Wormald along for a show-stopping “Footloose” dance.

Shelton was invited to sing that day, and he delivered a fiery performance as a group of dancers took over the stage. Hough made her entrance in the middle of the performance, and began dancing up a storm with Wormald and everyone else.

When you watch this, you may find yourself wanting to “kick off your Sunday shoes” and start dancing along. Catch the clip of Shelton and Hough’s performance below.

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