1 Month After Beth’s Death, Dog The Bounty Hunter Shares Rare Photo

Instagram / Beth Chapman

It’s almost unbelievable that the beloved bounty huntress, wife, mother, and television star has been gone for a month – yet, it has been just short of 30 days since she passed away on June 26th, 2019 at the hospital in Hawaii.

Beth Chapman was just 51 years old when she passed away following a long battle with throat cancer. In the time since her passing, the Chapman family has held two very special memorials in her honor and millions of people worldwide have mourned her.

A sweet tribute from husband Duane “Dog” Chapman comes just under two weeks since they had her second and final memorial service in Colorado and he broke down in tears during his eulogy.


In a candid photo that has never before been seen, he shared the sweet visage of his late wife smiling all dressed up and sitting on the patio of a restaurant with him. A great memory – that’s for sure.

His caption was simple, yet poignant – and clearly from the man whose heart is broken over this immense loss.

“My Baby,” he wrote.

Look at this beautiful photo of the woman that has touched so many souls as shared by her husband and watch the trailer for her final season of bounty hunting on WGN America below.