10 Years Later: Watch The Epic Banjo Video That Took The Internet By Storm!

Mark Kroos - Acoustic Guitarist / Facebook

Attention Mark Kroos fans! Have you seen his latest video on Facebook? If not, you’re in for a real treat. In this video, Mark plays “Dueling Banjos” like you’ve never heard it before.

“Dueling Banjos…this is approximately the 10 year anniversary of when this video made its way around the internet and completely changed my life,” Mark wrote on Facebook.

It’s clear to see why it captured the hearts of so many people. Mark says in the description of the video that he was living in his car and playing gigs wherever he could when he first released the video.

He knew he had something special and the response from his fans confirmed it.


In addition to him playing the duel banjos, the video also features the talented actress Callie Peters and was directed by guitarist and videographer Tommy Kraft. The result is a masterpiece that showcases Mark’s incredible skills on the banjo.

Despite his fears and doubts about releasing the video, Mark said he took a leap of faith and put it out into the world. The video didn’t immediately go viral, but that didn’t stop Mark from being proud of his work.

Mark said when he first posted the video, “Nothing happened. No noticeable traction on the video the first week. Or the second week. Or the third. And I was kind of bummed. But also not. Because I really had done my best. I really had put my heart into something.” 

He put his heart into the performance and that’s what really matters. In fact, it’s a lesson that we can all learn from. We should pursue our passions with all our heart and not be discouraged by setbacks or the opinions of others.

The “Dueling Banjos” video has been viewed by more than a million people and has helped to launch Mark’s music career to new heights.

For 10 years, it has been inspiring and entertaining fans around the world. So if you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out on Mark’s video below. You won’t regret it!

Thank you, Mark, for sharing your incredible talent with us and for reminding us that we should always follow our hearts. Here’s to many more years of amazing music and inspiring performances!

Watch Mark’s Dueling Banjos Video Below