Black Bear Emerges From Fallen Tree After Lumberjack Cuts It Down

ViralSnare Rights Management / YouTube

Here’s a story that’s sure to make your jaw drop! A lumberjack was minding his own business, cutting down two massive trees, when all of a sudden, out pops a black bear cub!

The video of the incident was posted to YouTube showing the trees falling over and slamming to the ground right before a baby black bear jumped onto the stumps that were left from the cut trees.

The bear just ran off and the incident has folks scratching their heads wondering just how this little guy managed to surprise the lumberjack.

ViralSnare Rights Management / YouTube

Some think the bear was living in or under the trees while others are speculating that the bear was just in a bush nearby and jumped up onto the stumps trying to get out of the way of the falling trees.

According to, bears choose many different kinds of dens, including hollow trees, under fallen trees, and even in “nests” under briar patches. So yes, maybe this bear was living in the tree or it could have been just hiding in a nearby brush.

Either way, this situation could have gone all sorts of wrong. The tree could have fallen on the poor little bear, or worse yet, it could have been cut by the chainsaw. And let’s not forget about the possibility of the bear’s mama lurking nearby.

Thankfully, all ended well, and both the man and the bear went on their merry way, unscathed. But can you imagine the surprise on that lumberjack’s face when that little bear popped out of the stump?

It just goes to show you, you never know what you’ll find out in the woods!

Footage Of Lumberjack Cutting Tree & Finding Bear Cub Below