11-Foot Gator Breaks Into House & Destroys Everything

Facebook / Clearwater Police Dept

An 11-foot alligator broke into one Florida woman’s home in late May 2019 – and left her home a complete disaster. Broken glass covered the floor, her kitchen table and chairs were destroyed, and the gator had made his way to her wine collection.

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Facebook / Clearwater Police Department

But for 77-year-old Mary Wischhusen, the 3 a.m. wake up call she got when she heard the gator come crashing through her floor-to-ceiling window was not something she ever expected.

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Facebook / Clearwater Police Dept

“The reason he went in the house is because he saw his face on the glass and its mating season and he was in a hurry,” said Wischhusen.

The gator not only broke through the glass window, but he also left giant holes in her walls from his endless thrashing and his giant tail.

The Clearwater, Florida resident says that while the gator was in a hurry to come into her house, her insurance company hasn’t been in a hurry to get back to her – and now – has finally given her an answer on the “gator incident.”

“They’re not going to cover it because they don’t cover gators,” Wischhusen told ABC Action News.

Apparently, a lot of insurance companies will give out policies that do not cover or handle damage from wildlife – which includes reptiles and other types of animals.

While Mary is trying to figure out how to afford to replace the window after her insurance claim was denied, many kind local folks have already helped to replace her wine collection and some of her other items.

Watch the full report from ABC Action News below.