11 Of The Biggest Heartthrobs In Classic Country Music

Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

The number one thing that matters in country music is your voice. But everyone knows that looks play a big part in the business as well, as fans naturally find themselves more drawn to an artist they feel an attraction for.

Everyone’s personal tastes differ, but when it comes to classic country artists, it’s obvious who some of the biggest heartthrobs in classic country music were (and still are!) These good lookin’ stars went on to become some of the genre’s biggest icons, and still maintain large followings.

So now, take a trip with us down memory below to see our list of 11 classic country heartthrobs!

1. Red Foley

Known as “Mr. Country Music,” it didn’t take long for Foley to win over the hearts of country fans. The dashing singer, musician, and host of Ozark Jubilee played a huge role in shaping country music, a role which the Country Music Hall of Fame acknowledged when they named him a member.

Foley’s moving voice and charming good looks helped him develop a loyal fan base that supported all of his work. For two decades he remained on of the genre’s biggest stars, and ended up selling more than 25 million records.

2. Lynn Anderson

Who can ever forget Anderson and her beautiful blond curls? But Anderson’s voice is even more unforgettable, as she brought us hit songs such as her signature, “(I Never Promised You a) Rose Garden.”

Fans fell head over heels for this classic country lady, and the numbers prove it. She had a total of 12 number one country hits, over 50 Top 40 country hits, and she also experienced a wave of crossover success. 

3. Glen Campbell

The “Rhinestone Cowboy” charmed his way into our hearts with his classic songs such as the one that gave him his nickname, along with “Wichita Lineman” and “Gentle on My Mind.” There was no denying the appeal of Campbell’s voice, and there was no denying his good looks either.

So many country gals found their hearts going pitter-patter for Campbell, and that fan base helped give him one of the most notable careers in country music history. 

4. Tammy Wynette

As one of the biggest stars of her time, Wynette drew a lot of attention from country music fans. Her physical beauty was matched by her stunning voice, which delivered classic hits such as “Stand by Your Man” and “‘Til I Get It Right.”

Wynette had reached such a high heartthrob status that she was deemed “The First Lady of Country Music,” and rightfully so. It is a title that she more than earned, with a total of 20 number one songs to her name.

5. Ray Price

Let’s be honest here…is there really a fan of classic country music who hasn’t felt a bit giddy at the sound of Price’s deep baritone voice? In fact, so many people fell in love with his voice that it has often been named as one of the best male voices in country music history.

Price’s good looks didn’t hurt his rise to fame either. After developing a devoted fan base with hits such as “Heartaches by the Number” and “For the Good Times,” Price was able to continue recording and touring throughout his life.

6. Linda Ronstadt

Country, rock, folk, jazz…you name it and Rondstadt could sing it. The brunette beauty was not a country artist by default, but was still welcomed by the genre’s fans with open arms.

In 1986, Rondstadt firmly secured her status as a country music heartthrob when she teamed up with Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton for the Trio album. If country fans weren’t already in love with her by then, they sure were after that album came out, which was number one on the Billboard Country Albums chart.

7. Kenny Rogers

All you have to do is listen to Rogers sing “Lady” to start swooning. The Country Music Hall of Fame Member maintains a loyal following to this day, with many of those fans being ones who fell for him way back in the day.

We can’t blame them either, cause we’d be lying if we said that Rogers didn’t look attractive at all in his music video for “The Gambler,” or that his part in “Islands in the Stream” didn’t make us feel a bit weak in the knees.

8. Dolly Parton

Speaking of “Islands in the Stream,” how could we have a list of classic country heartthrobs without naming Rogers’ duet partner on the tune? Parton maintained a status as one of the most attractive stars in the genre for decades, which was amplified by her appearance in films such as “9 to 5” and “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.”

But even more beautiful than Parton’s physical appearance is her talent as a singer and songwriter. She’s penned and recorded songs that still give us chills to this day, such as the iconic hit “I Will Always Love You.”

9. Merle Haggard

Long before he grew out his beard and started wearing his signature hat, Haggard was a dashing country music heartthrob who wore a suit. As the years went on and Haggard’s physical appearance changed, he never seemed to lose that status, as he maintained a devoted following throughout his entire life.

But we know that more than his appearance, it was Haggard’s vocal performances and songwriting talent that drew people in to him. As a result, he managed to release hit albums decades after he first got his start.

10. Kris Kristofferson

Any fan of classic country music knows how much of a hunk Kristofferson was back in the day. He perhaps reached a greater heartthrob status than any other classic country artist due to his appearances in many major motion pictures, such as Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore and A Star is Born.

Then you have all of Kristofferson’s swoon-worthy songs such as “Help Me Make it Through the Night.” So the evidence is clear, Kristofferson more than earned his heartthrob status.

11. Honorary-George Strait

While “The King of Country” isn’t technically considered a “classic” country artist, he’s been in the business since 1976. When he came on to the scene as a fresh face in the genre, he instantly stole the hearts of country fans around the world.

To this day, “King George” remains one of the biggest heartthrobs in country music. All you have to do is listen to him sing “I Cross My Heart” to be able to fall in love with him!

What do you think of our list? Which classic country stars make your heart skip a beat?