14-Year-Old Takes On Chris Stapleton’s “Either Way” In Home Video

Em4ever/YouTube | Sara Kauss/WireImage/Getty Images

Chris Stapleton’s long-awaited sophomore album From A Room: Volume 1 dropped on May 5, 2017 and did not disappoint.

Within hours of its release on iTunes, the album was already at number one in the country genre and was quickly rising on the Billboard charts.

Although he had performed “Broken Halos” before, the first single from the album was chosen as “Either Way.” You may remember Lee Ann Womack including her version on her 2008 album Call Me Crazy.

This talented 14-year-old named Emily Ann decided to cover “Either Way” and she completely blew us away. She takes a different approach than Stapleton singing it in a higher register, but the fact a person so young can channel the right emotion needed for this song is truly impeccable.

Enjoy her “Either Way” cover – we know we did.