Country Legends Breathless After Lee Greenwood’s Momentous “God Bless The USA”

Country Road TV / YouTube

Standing in front of an audience filled with some of country music’s biggest legends and backed by an incredibly talented band of musicians, our very own Lee Greenwood left a full house in complete awe with his performance of “God Bless The USA”.

Taking the stage in a video from Country’s Family Reunion, Greenwood is clearly the highlight of the evening for this ‘God Bless America….AGAIN’ special, and he did not disappoint!

Belting out this patriotic anthem with every fiber of his being, Greenwood visibly moved the crowd and emotions washed across their faces as they listened to his unmatched talent and heavenly lyrics filling the room.


This classic song was first released as part of Greenwood’s 1984 album, You’ve Got a Good Love Comin’, and rose to popularity as it climbed the charts. In the years since, it has re-entered the charts and soared throughout various times of need in America, including after the September 11th terrorist attacks.

The show, Country’s Family Reunion, is a specialty variety show airing on mostly rural television networks and specializes in gathering country music legends from all over to tell stories and sing their songs for one another. They have shared in making some truly memorable moments in country music history over the years.

Watch Lee Greenwood’s stunning and momentous performance from Country’s Family Reunion in the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.