Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman Share Emotional Moment On The Red Carpet

Foc Kan / Getty Images

Every year lovers of the arts from all over the globe gather in a small town in the south of France for the opportunity to watch films of all genres make their debut at the Cannes Film Festival. With four films premiering at the prestigious festival, Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman has been making her rounds all week long, with husband Keith Urban joining her for the joyous occasion.

While they are known for being extremely affectionate with one another, the superstar couple shared an emotional moment on the red carpet on their way to watch Kidman’s film “The Killing of the Sacred Deer.”

A video documenting the moment surfaced in which the couple are seen walking together on the red carpet while cameras flash all around them. The pair stopped to pose for their signature kiss on the cheek photo, but Urban stopped to whisper something into his wife’s ear. Overcome by his words, Kidman wrapped her arms around the country singer, holding him tight for an emotional embrace, complete with the shedding of tears.

Not meeting until well into their thirties, the power couple have made sure to never waste a second of the time they have together. Over ten years and two children later, Kidman and Urban appear to be more in love than ever.

You can watch their sweet exchange below.