15-Year-Old Brennley Brown Fights Back Tears In Heavenly ‘Voice’ Performance

The Voice YouTube Channel

With each passing week, it became more obvious that 15-year-old Brennley Brown had the potential to win The Voice. The young country singer found her home on Gwen Stefani‘s team during Season 12, and flourished with her guidance.

Brown captured viewers’ hearts with her renditions of country songs such as Maddie & Tae’s “Fly” and Keith Urban‘s “Stupid Boy.” But when it came time to prepare for another performance, Stefani pushed Brown out of her comfort zone by giving her a non-country song to sing. The song she picked was a beloved 1970s tune by folk artist Joni Mitchell, called “River.”

Despite the fact that it was never released as a single, “River” has earned a permanent place in music history. It has been recorded well over 400 times, with artists from all genres bringing their own twist to the tune. The recordings range from pop to jazz in style, and now Brown has a country version to offer.

The song gave Brown the chance to show off how powerful her voice can be in soft, hushed moments. While most of “River” is toned down, the song still allowed the young country singer plenty of opportunities to showcase her remarkable range.

Brown also nailed the emotional aspect of the song. She fought back tears throughout the latter part of performance, proving how connected she was to every word she sang. The entire audience was left in awe, including her coach.

I am so excited about you,” Stefani gushed. Now it’s time for you to see Brown’s heavenly rendition of “River.” You can tune in below to watch her performance.

Brown made it all the way into the semifinals on her season, serving as proof that America had good faith in her talent!