Blake Shelton Says This Will “Be His Last Season” On The Voice

NBC Universal/Tyler Golden

In a new interview on the red carpet, the longtime coach of the popular TV show confessed that he believed this current season would be his last one. Additionally, he also spilled some details about when he plans to stop putting out more albums.

Talking with Entertainment Tonight just before The Voice live show last night (May 1st) country crooner and original ‘Voice’ coach Blake Shelton made a statement that sent the internet into a frenzy.

Shelton spoke first about his girlfriend and fellow coach, Gwen Stefani, telling the media outlet that her ruptured eardrum is healing just fine and she’s doing very well with it. That’s when things took a very different turn and he says that he’s finished making music and being on The Voice – but is it all just one big joke?

“That last album I made I said that was going to be my last album. This next album I’m making is probably gonna be my last album. So I really gotta decide what I wanna do,” He told the red carpet reporter, adding, “This is probably gonna be my last season on this show. I don’t do entertainment anymore, kids.”

Standing at his side was another ‘Voice’ coach and friend, Alicia Keys, who added to the sentiment, saying she could see him out in Oklahoma “living off the land” while he was “weedin’ and hoein'”.

Watch Blake Shelton and Alicia Keys during their interview with ET below and let us know what you think of his statements in the comments.