16.5-Foot Great White Shark Found Preserved In Abandoned Wildlife Park

Facebook / The Original Rosie The Shark Page

An Australian wildlife park has been abandoned for 8 years and urban explorer Luke McPherson captured pictures of what appears to be a 16.5-foot great white shark still sitting in a tank.

The park was called Australian Wildlife Wonderland park and it’s located in Victoria, Australia. Luke says he’d been going there since he was a boy and after if closed down in 2012 he’s been fascinated at the idea of exploring the place.

The building is falling apart and closed off to everyone but back in November of 2018, Luke managed to find a way into the abandoned building and found the eerie green tank with Rosie, the shark in it.

Rosie was a shark that got caught up in the fishing nets during a tuna fishing expedition and was brought back to the facility to get taxidermied and put on display for visitors. However, due to a breach of the Australian Wildlife Act, the park was forced to be shut down.

All the animals were confiscated by the Royal Society but Rosie was left fully submerged in her murky green goo. Luke got a chance to take pictures of the shark before officials finally came in and removed her.