17ft, 3,500lb Great White Shark Captured, Tagged & Released

OCEARCH / Facebook

OCEARCH researchers off the coast of Nova Scotia, in eastern Canada, weighed in a monster 17ft 2in, 3,541lb female great white shark.


She was so big researchers decided to name her the “Queen of the Ocean” after being captured on October 2nd, 2020 in the northwest Atlantic ocean. Chris Fischer was in charge of the expedition to find and check on sharks they’d already tagged when they found her.

“She is a very old creature, a proper ‘Queen of the Ocean’ and a matriarch. She has all the scars, healed wounds and discolourations that tell a deep, rich story of her life going back years. You feel different when you’re standing beside a shark of that size compared to the ones in the 2,000-pound range,” LAD Bible reported Chris saying.

They took bacteria off her teeth and gathered fecal samples to test for information about her diet. They say that with her size and age she helps balance the fish stocks in the surrounding area and is the wise guardian of the ocean’s eco-system.

OCEARCH posted pictures of the great white on Facebook along with many other photos and videos of other sharks. You can visit the OCEARCH Facebook to take a look at them!