2 Dogs Lost After Truck Crash Finally Reunited With Owner

Lost Animal Resource Group - LARG / Facebook

On December 28th in Clarksburg, Maryland, Brian Shelton crashed his truck off the road I-270 and lost both of his dogs when they got scared and ran away after the crash. He had been looking for them ever since and it was with the help of the Lost Animal Resource Group, that he was able to find his dogs again.

The group posted to their Facebook on January 5th saying that one of the dogs, a chocolate lab named Ena had reunited with her owner due to Brian following their directions. The group used feeding stations, sightings, cameras, traps, tracking, and even a drone to find the first dog.


“Ena is back with Brian!! One down one to go – we are still searching for Caleb!” Lost Animal Resource GroupĀ posted to Facebook.

It wasn’t but a couple of hours later, Caleb, the other dog, was found and back in the arms of Brian as well. The group, Brian and the locals in the area where the dogs got lost all worked together to get the dogs back to Brian.

Lost Animal Resource Group gave a big thank you to everyone who followed the instructions, called if they saw the dogs, and hung up flyers. Due to the team’s effort, everyone went home happy.