Man Arrested After Driving Truck Into Closed Bar To Steal One Dr. Pepper

Bay County Sheriff's Office (left) - REFRI WEB / Facebook (right)

A wild and crazy story comes out of Panama City, Florida about a man going to extreme lengths to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures, a sip of Dr. Pepper.

What Would You Do For A Dr. Pepper?

Gavin Lee was driving around early in the morning on Friday, December 27th and stopped by a local bar called Re-Rack that was closed at the time. The police report said that he attempted to break into the bar and when he realized he couldn’t, he drove his Ford F-250 into the front window of the bar and made an entrance.

He allegedly got out of his truck not to see if there was money in the register or to steal highly valued liquor, but instead, he walked over to the cooler and grabbed a cold Dr. Pepper.

He Didn’t Leave After He Got His Dr. Pepper

Gavin sat down at one of the tables and slowly drank his Dr. Pepper until the cops came. Once the police got there they found him in that exact spot and there was no report that he even put up a fight. It appears he just simply wanted to drink some Dr. Pepper.

However, when the authorities searched him they found a tan Ruger LCP handgun on him and arrested him for armed burglary. Gavin is 28 years old and no one is sure why he did what he did but it does seem bizarre.