20-Year-Old Sacrifices Her Life Saving Twin With Autism From Tornado In Georgia

Deanna Zambrano / Facebook

20-year-old Deanna Zambrano gave her own life protecting her twin sister on Easter Sunday night when a tornado tore through their mobile home in Chatsworth, Georgia.


First responders who arrived on the scene found Deanna wrapped around her sister Breanna who has autism. Deanna used her body as a shield to save her sister from the storm but lost her own life in the process. Their mom Tracy was at work when the disaster happened and her daughters were the only ones home.

“When they found her, they had to pry Breanna from her arms to try and get her in the ambulance,” Tracy told News Channel 9. “She said she would give her life for her sister, and she did.”

Breanna was very seriously injured and is currently fighting for her life at the Erlanger Hospital. She sustained trauma to her head, had a collapsed lung, eight broken ribs, and a broken pelvis. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus outbreak, her family cannot visit her due to a new zero visitation policy at the hospital.

“I just have to stay strong for Breanna because I want her to be able to come home,” Tracy said.

A GoFundMe page was setup to help the Zambrano family during their time of need because they lost everything. For people who’d like to donate money to help them get back on their feet, you can click here. The funds will go towards Breanna’s doctor bills, food, clothes and hopefully a new home to live.

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