2017 CMA Fest Gets Treated To Keith Urban’s “Blue Ain’t Your Color”

Frederick Breedon iV / Getty Images

Delivering one of the most epic performances of the night, country music superstar Keith Urban poured every bit of himself into this live version of “Blue Ain’t Your Color” – and stole everyone’s heart!

In classic Urban style, he donned a guitar and plain tee shirt before stepping up to the microphone at 2017’s CMA Fest in Nashville. Acknowledging the Predator’s success first, Urban then welcomed the crowd to join him in singing this chart-topping hit.

With just a single breath, he let out the first few lines of “Blue Ain’t Your Color” and immediately captured every single bystander’s attention. Ears turned, eyes gazed, and hearts melted with each and every effortless note.

Telling the story of a man who approaches a woman in the bar – who’s visibly upset with her current relationship. He then tells her that “blue ain’t [her] color” and expresses how he can tell she deserves to be treated right.

The bittersweet song is a flowing ballad filled with long, arching notes and a clearly wistful hue to the chords. It’s a perfect fit for current country radio, and the fact that it soared to No. 1 is only a testament to that!

Released as the fourth single from his hit album, Ripcord, “Blue Ain’t Your Color” hit country radio in August 2016 and quickly earned a spot as a fan-favorite song – and took home multiple Grammy nominations!

Watch Urban’s intoxicating performance during the 2017 CMA Fest below!