30ft Snake Found In Rainforest By Workers

Fakrulazwa / TikTok

A truly colossal snake was recently found in the Dominica rainforest while a group of men were clearing out the forest and it appears to be thirty feet long. 

The men filmed videos of the snake and at one point they had to use a backhoe to lift the heavy creature out of the way so they could continue working.

As the backhoe held the snake up, the reptile appeared to be alive and in a healthy condition. It tried to slither up its own body to climb up to the backhoe and the men witnessing were astonished at how big it was.

One local in the video says in his native language, “My mother, what?”

The video was originally posted by Tik Toker Fakrulazwa, but the account has since been taken down. Before it was taken down, however, they shared another video of the snake alive and well, but being crammed into the back of a car by several worker men.

It’s not clear on what type of snake it was or what ever happened to the beast, but one thing’s for sure, it could have potentially been a world record-breaking snake if it had ever got officially measured.

The island of Dominica is known to have reticulated pythons and it could have likely been one of those. The biggest reticulated python ever recorded in history was one found in 1912 and it measured 32 feet long.

Watch Footage Of The Snake Below