420-Pound Pig Too Heavy To Leave Home Is Rescued By Firefighters

photo credit: nypost.com video screenshot

Pig Removed From Home By Firefighters

A massive 420-pound female pig named Twiglet had to be removed from a home in Rotherham, England after it became too big to go down the stairs.

The Life Of “Twiglet” The Pig

Elaine Edwards, who owned the pig, was purchased on Facebook for £60 ($77.30). The ad promised Twiglet was a “micro pig” that would only grow to be 60 pounds. She was given to Elanie as a gift from her grandchildren after she told them she always wanted a pig.

“My nan had always wanted a pig ever since she was a little girl, so we bought one for her for £60 off Facebook. She was absolutely besotted with Twiglet and loved her to death,” Elaine’s granddaughter Calli Edwards said according to the New York Post.

However, after feeding Twiglet pizza, Chinese food, and porridge she surprisingly grew far larger than what everybody expected (420 pounds). As she grew she lived a luxurious life compared to most pigs, with TV, central heating and sleeping inside the house every day. Twiglet even had her own mattress to sleep on and was potty trained to use a litter tray.

“She was a member of the family. Twiglet had her own single bed in my nan’s room with her own teddies – that was life for Twiglet. She got everything she wanted,” Calli Edwards said.


Removing The Pig From The Apartment

Unfortunately, Elaine (the owner) passed away in August (2019) and her family was tasked with the job of removing her from the apartment that was on the second floor of an apartment complex and could only be accessed by stairs. When the family tried to get Twiglet to go down the stairs she wouldn’t do it and was far too big to be carried.

It was at this point they called the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty (RSPCA), the local fire department and veterinarians to come help with moving her. They sedated Twiglet, put her on a stretcher and six firefighters carefully lowered her down the flight of stairs.

Twiglet Finds A New Home She’s Happy With

She was transported to Peppers Field Equine and Poultry Rehabilitation Centre where they changed her diet to fruits and other healthier pig food. Since then she was lost some weight and they planned to find her a new home but the Rehabilitation Centre loved her so much they decided to keep her. 

“We are really happy that we were able to bring everyone together to help Twiglet and her owner’s family and grateful to everyone involved, and so pleased that she’s doing well in her new home,” RSPCA inspector Kristy Ludlam said.