5 Covers Of Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring Of Fire’

CBS Photo Archive / Contributor / Getty Images

One of the most iconic songs in all of music’s history, this unforgettable classic first got its start back in the early 60s when Johnny Cash’s future wife, June Carter, wrote it about the feelings she had while falling head over heels for Mr. Cash.

It was originally recorded and released by her sister, Anita Carter, but later released by Johnny himself and went on to become the most successful song of his entire career.

Taking the country by storm, this truly timeless hit has become a classic that nearly everyone is familiar with and this is why so many talented acts have covered it over the years.

We have compiled five of the best covers ever performed of “Ring of Fire” for you to enjoy!

Alan Jackson

Included on his seventh compilation album, this country crooner started the record off with his rendition of this classic song, and it was clearly a great decision!

The track was released as the second single from the album and brought much praise to Jackson for his unique sound, charting in the Top 100 on the US Country chart.

Sheryl Crow

Picking up the autoharp just like June Carter Cash used to, this songstress strummed her way through the classic in honor of the great legend who sang it and the endlessly talented woman who wrote it.

Home Free

This lean, mean, a cappella machine tasked themselves with crafting one of the most notable and unique covers that we’ve ever heard performed.

Truly a marvel of vocal harmony, talent, and pure magic, this six-part masterpiece will leave you breathless!

Lennon & Maisy

Two sisters and starlets of the hit television show, Nashville, Lennon and Maisy Stella have been climbing their way up the charts and making their way into the hearts of American country fans for quite some time – using just a pair of guitars to deliver covers of many famous hits.

In this performance on the famed Opry stage, these girls give the crowd a dose of classic country with their incredible rendition of “Ring of Fire”.

Joaquin Phoenix in Walk The Line

Not only portraying the legendary singer in the film, but also recording all of Johnny Cash’s hits for the soundtrack himself, Joaquin Phoenix brought the classic tune back to life in the 2005 biopic, Walk The Line alongside Reese Witherspoon as June Carter Cash.

Both Phoenix and Witherspoon sang all of the material for the soundtrack and mastered their instruments so that their appearances and characters were as authentic as possible.