5 Dolly Parton Duets With Other Country Singers

Getty Images / Paul Natkin, Getty Images, Michael Ochs Archives

Throughout the 56 years, she’s been sweetly serenading us with her chart-topping hits and magical songwriting, Dolly Parton has done more memorable duets with varying artists than many of her female colleagues.

Most notably, her duetting alongside fellow country legends, Kenny Rogers and Porter Wagoner, brought her incredible success with not only records, but with television, movies, on the stage, and much more.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Dolly duets in the collection below – and you’re sure to love them as much as we do!

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“From Here to the Moon and Back”

One of Dolly’s most recent duets, the official track was released featuring both her and Willie Nelson (on his album, To All The Girls), but when it was used on the soundtrack of the 2012 movie, Joyful Noise, it was actually a collaboration between Dolly, Kris Kristofferson, and Jeremy Jordan.

The movie itself is a powerful statement, and the song even more so. Dolly originally wrote it as a stunning tribute to her husband, Carl Dean.

“When I Get Where I’m Going”

Debuting in the Top 100 on Billboard’s Hot Country Single’s chart, this impressive duet skyrocketed straight to the top of the charts, making it Dolly’s 25th No. 1 single!

Teaming up with Brad Paisley, the pair received a warm welcome with their collaboration and one reviewer even called it a “certified inspirational winner”.

“Just Someone I Used To Know”

Released under her former stage name, “Dolly Rebecca”, and hitting radio waves in early 1970, this classic Porter & Dolly duet is one of the most recognizable from her early years on The Porter Wagoner Show, and one any true Dolly Parton fan will love!

“I Will Always Love You”

Before Whitney Houston crushed records with her cover version of this famous Dolly masterpiece, Dolly herself had performed it for years on tour, in a private session to Porter Wagoner, and made it a chart-topping country hit.

In one of the most memorable performances, she takes the stage with Vince Gill during the 1995 CMA Awards to give the beloved country audience just a taste of how much magic can actually happen when you put two icons on stage together.

“Islands in the Stream”

The country-laden duet that rocked not only every country chart in the world, but crossed over into various other charts in the United States.

In just six months after its release, this unforgettable Kenny & Dolly duet was certified double platinum by the RIAA for sales exceeding two million copies in the U.S.

Truly a staple to any country music collection, this duet is one that nearly anyone who’s grown up in the last 20 years can easily identify before it even gets to the chorus.

We love all of Dolly’s duets and her musical styling and songwriting have gone unparalleled for years with her unique ability to weave the past into the present and blend her stories of her childhood into life-long lessons – she is a formidable entertainer.