Cassadee Pope’s Boyfriend Exposes True Feelings About Her Scandalous Video

All Time Low (Left), YouTube/CassadeeVEVO

The longtime boyfriend shared his thoughts on the video in which she appears topless on a beach and explores a newfound love during the hottest season of the year.

Rian Dawson, a drummer for pop-punk band, All Time Low, has been dating Cassadeee Pope for nearly seven years now, and throughout that time he’s always been an adamant supporter of hers – even “before The Voice” she reveals.

Her latest foray into her career as a musician, is a sultry, scandalous, video that shows her topless on the beach in the throes of love with a guy that is definitely not Dawson.

So….how does he feel about all of this??

Well, according to a new interview released on her label’s SoundCloud account, he’s “one hundred percent” behind her on it.

“I actually begged him to be in the video,” she says in the recording. “But he’s first of all, is an amazing, amazing supporter of mine, and he has been since the beginning…And he was just like, ‘I’m not an actor. I want it to be amazing, and I don’t think I will be able to deliver that because I’m not an actor—I’m a drummer…that’s what I do.'”

But before she really “went for it” she cleared it all with him just to double check – and he’s definitely a truly supportive boyfriend.

“So I told him, I said, ‘Well, I really want to go for it in this, are you comfortable with that?'” Pope continued. “And he said, ‘One hundred percent. Obviously, I want you to go for it.’ So he’s been nothing but supportive, and he tweeted about it and called [the video actor] a stud. So, if that tells you anything about him, he’s very, very supportive all around.”

She’s definitely got her hands one a one-of-a-kind fella that is secure enough in their relationship to not let something simple like a music video cloud his mind. Truthfully, not everyone could be like that and she’s a lucky – and grateful gal.

Watch the full “Summer” music video below and let us know what you think in the comments.