5+ Luke Bryan Bloopers

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Throughout his career spanning more than 10 years, the country star has had his fair share of hilarious moments, outtakes, bumbles, bloopers, and straight up “oopsie” moments.

Most famously, Luke Bryan has had a seemingly endless number of stage falls and hilarious blunders on the red carpet and we’ve been sure to include some highlights of those below.

If you’ve ever wanted to see one of the best collections of Luke Bryan’s hilarious hiccups, press the button below to get started!


Kicking off this hilarious list with a balloon-sized bang, we’ve included the time Luke tried to sing on helium. As it turns out, Alvin The Chipmunk does a pretty good rendition of “Country Girl”

Chugging Beer on Ellen

When Ellen challenges this country singer to a beer-chugging challenge…”no” wasn’t part of his vocabulary.

….and by the end, somehow a shot of tequila finds its way into the mix…

Bachelorette Tips

What to do when looking for tips on a successful marriage? Well, this bachelorette turned to none other than Luke Bryan.

Both clean and dirty, this is his “Pop-Pop’s” best advice.

Shaking What His Momma Gave Him (With His Momma)

Nothing better than showing us all who taught him how to “shake it for us”. 

Catching A Beer….Then Catching Some Air

In one of his most viral stage falls, Luke is horsing around during a concert in Indianapolis when his crew tosses him a beer.

Unfortunately, he bit off more than he could chew and took a step that landed him on the stadium floor.

Fortunately, the only thing he hurt was his pride. 

That Time He Wore A Leotard…

Probably the single iconic moment that tops off the list of hilarious Luke moments is this one-man Beyoncé remake that Blake looks like he would have rather skipped!

All-in-all Luke Bryan didn’t become one of the top selling modern country artists simply because he can sing – he sells out shows regularly because he’s a truly talented entertainer and these epic moments prove just that!

Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!