Zac Brown Honors Daughter With “I’ll Be Your Man (Song for a Daughter)”

YouTube/Zac Brown Band

The teary-eyed singer reveals exactly why the song hits so close to home for him and the true love that he shares with every father.

Released as the 14th track on Zac Brown Band‘s 2015 album, Jekyll + Hyde, “I’ll Be Your Man (Song for a Daughter)” came to life in an official music video posted online. In addition to the music video, the band’s YouTube account featured an emotional and heartfelt interview that talked about how much the song meant and how it came about.

Charting the feelings of fatherhood and the innate desire to make his daughter’s life the best possible, the song comes through as not only a prayer, but a promise, a dream, and a dedication.

There’s no greater honor than being able to be a father to a daughter,” Zac Brown says in the behind-the-scenes video. “And to know that love and to have unconditional love…to be able to be their man until they get older.”

“That’s the goal, to let them know that no man can ever be their daddy, if their dad loved them right.”

The lead singer says that he hopes his band’s music will help strengthen the bonds between other fathers and their daughters because, he says, some men aren’t great at putting their feelings out, but he thinks that music can fill the gap of understanding sometimes.

Watch this incredible treasure and great musical masterpiece from this award-winning country band in the videos below.