5 Mountain Lions Recorded Together On Camera – Biologists Have Never Seen This Before


A security camera in Pioneer, California captured an extremely rare sight of 5 mountain lions hanging out together at night. Mountain lions normally live on their own and experts were shocked to see the footage.

“We shared the videos and photos with several of our wildlife biologists and none of them could recall ever seeing five mountain lions together in the same photo or video,” Peter Tira from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife told FOX40.

After analyzing the video biologists, say it appears one of the mountain lions was bigger than the others and they believe she was the momma. Two of them looked very small and appeared to be her cubs. The other two were medium-sized and also appeared to be her cubs but about a year or two older.

The mother lion must have had two separate litters and all the cubs have not left her yet. Peter says that mother mountain lions usually chase her cubs off after a year so seeing this was truly a rare sighting.

Chris Bruetsch, the owner of the security cameras that captured to footage says he’s not worried about them. Peter agreed with him saying that mountain lions do not like humans at all and do everything they can to flee from them when they see someone.

Petter added, “They want very little to do with humans, if nothing at all, quite frankly. And they’re very good at avoiding people and that’s why you see them at night.”

Watch The Mountain Lions In The Video Below