5 Performances Of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You”

Stephanie Cardinale - Corbis / Suzanne Corderio/ Ethan Miller / Getty Images

One of the highest-rated and top-selling songs in world history, this legendary tune is one that nearly every person has heard at least once in their life, and is a true testament to the powerful impact a single piece of music can have on the world.

Written and recorded by country music legend, Dolly Parton, back on June 13th, 1973, “I Will Always Love You” was penned as a way to say goodbye to Porter Wagoner when Parton decided to leave his long-running variety show in pursuit of other things in the music industry.

Initially, Parton’s own recording of the track was a huge commercial success, but when pop icon Whitney Houston recorded her own version for the soundtrack of 1992’s The Bodyguard, it launched the song to entirely new heights.

Parton has often credited Houston with fueling the fire behind the song and attaining success with her recording that many never thought possible. Often, Parton will have fun with it and say that she doesn’t mind giving Houston the credit, because Parton is the one getting the royalties.

We have collected five unforgettable performances of this iconic tune that each carry something special. Check them all out below and let us know what you think!

1. Dolly Parton’s Chilling Live Performance

In an exclusive televised concert, Parton completely stuns CMT viewers with an emotional and soul-piercing performance.

2. Whitney Houston Amazes The 1994 Grammy Awards

Delivering one of the most-treasured and memorable performances of this song, the late pop songstress took to the stage during the 36th Annual Grammy Awards and stole the show.

3. Kelly Clarkson Pays Tribute To Both Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston

At the 57th ACM Awards in 2022, Dolly Parton personally asked Kelly Clarkson to sing “I Will Always Love You.” Her rendition should most definitely be up there with Dolly’s original and Whitney’s powerhouse cover. She was praised endlessly for her tribute, with one fan saying, “This woman will go down in music history as a legend, and I’m glad to consider myself a fan. She beautifully merged both versions of the song while making it her own. This is how you sing a tribute song.”

4. Carrie Underwood’s Heartfelt Tribute To Dolly’s Inspiration

Taking the title of her album and tour to a whole new level, Carrie Underwood decided to sing a song that “told a story”. Her dazzling live performance was simply flawless, and the audience roared with applause as she moved through each magical verse.


5. Vince Gill & Dolly Parton Steal Your Heart With Priceless Duet

Two of country music’s biggest names joined voices (and hands) for a harmonious duet that rocked the very core of musicians everywhere. The moment was unforgettable, the song was timeless, and the artists were legendary. Could you ask for a better pairing?