60-Foot Wooden Alligator Built For Bonfire In Louisiana Is Catching Media’s Attention

Facebook / Blood, Sweat, and Bonfires

In Garyville, Louisiana a gigantic alligator has been built out of wood alongside the Mississippi River Levee catching the eye of many media outlets.


The massive gator was built in celebration of the annual Christmas Even bonfire in St. James Parish and man is it magnificent! The gator measures an impressive 60 feet long from the top of its nose to the end of its tail.

Many may be seeing this for the first time, but apparently they do this every year and it’s a shared event with the locals of Paulina, Garyville, and Lutcher. They say this is a “truly magical” sight to see.


Thousands of people show up to attend the bonfire and when you ask the locals “what’s this all about,” they will tell you that it’s to light a way for old “Papa Noel” to make his Christmas runs. Papa Noel is the Cajun name the locals give Santa Claus in case it hasn’t clicked yet.

As long as the weather is good they start the alligator bonfire along with many other bonfires in the area at 7PM Central Standard Time on Christmas Eve. More pictures of the alligator can be viewed below that have been posted on Facebook.