70 Cows Escape Farm & Stampede Down Indiana Highway

Associated Press / YouTube

All 70 of the Holstein cows that escaped from a farm were safely captured and brought back after blocking cars on an Indiana highway.

Fortunately, Capt. Derek Allen, an officer who happened to be off duty in LaPorte County the day the cows escaped, was there to witness the cows running down the road and made a U-turn to help capture them.

“It’s really important to note, these cows weren’t just walking, they were at a full gallop, if you will,” Capt. Allen told the South Bend Tribune.

Capt. Allen drove ahead of the herd with his police lights flashing to warn oncoming traffic of the escaped animals. Allen, firefighters, as well as LaPorte County Det. Jim Fish and a few onlookers corraled the cows south.

“I’ve been involved in many unique situations previously, but not something with this many animals on the roadway,” Allen said.

They were able to get most of the cows to herd onto Range Road while a few of them were rounded up near a fenced-in area between CR 600 and CR 700 South.

Eventually, officials gathered all the cows and got them back to the farm they came from. Police did not identify the owner of the cows but did say that no one, including the cows, was injured during the incident.

Cows On The Loose Footage Below