95-Year-Old Woman Becomes Oldest Person To Recover From Coronavirus In Italy

Wuzup Naija / Facebook

Italy is the number one most affected country in the world to be hit with coronavirus and has surpassed China with a death toll of 6,077. In fact, according to Worldometer, as of March 24, 2020, Italy has reported 63,927 cases of Italians who’ve contracted the deadly disease with only 7,432 who’ve recovered from it so far.

The most heartbreaking part is it appears to be most fatal for elderly people, however, a shimmering light of hope has recently come out of Italy after a 95-year-old grandmother became the oldest person to recover from being infected with COVID-19.


The woman’s name is Alma Clara Corsini and she’s from Modena, Italy. She was admitted to a hospital in the Italian province of Modena on March 5th. Miraculously, she recovered without an antiviral therapy medication, which is a drug given to patients to help them fight off viral infections.

It wasn’t said if she was a smoker or if she had previous health conditions, but according to the Gazzetta Di Modena, she quickly became the “pride of the staff.” She has since been released to return to her home along with a 79-year-old Italian man who had the virus and recovered within 12 days after taking the drug Remdesiver.