Kelly Clarkson’s Sassy “Run Run Rudolph” Ignites The Stage

It’s no question that Kelly Clarkson has a wild amount of talent running through her veins. From her big break after winning American Idol to her array of award-winning achievements, Clarkson has made her mark on the music world. Before she became a mom to four children, she was crushing performances, left and right, any season […] More

Joanna Gaines Reveals One Mistake You Should Avoid When Making Ornaments

Joanna Gaines is a pretty savvy and creative lady. But while making Christmas ornaments with the newest addition to the family, Baby Crew – she made one mistake that could have been disastrous! Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments One sweet keepsake that parents love to have is a handprint ornament from their baby’s first Christmas. You […] More

Miley Cyrus Reveals How Dad Rescued Animals From Deadly Fire

As one of the thousands of victims who lost everything in the Woolsey Fire, Miley Cyrus has some tear-jerking experiences she’s shared with folks in the short time since this horrible tragedy happened. Cyrus, who lived in her Malibu home with fiance Liam Hemsworth, tweeted out shortly after she found out her home had been […] More

This Dog Will Sing Country, But Not Cardi B

People tend to have their own taste in music. For this one pup, it is pretty obvious what kind of sound gets him howling. Literally. Not A Fan Of Rap During a normal day of sitting on the couch and chewing on a toy, Tank the American bully became an Internet superstar. As his owner […] More

Beloved Country Hitmaker Announces Return From Retirement

Chris Cagle Conquers Country Music In the early 2000s, one of the leading voices in country music belonged to an artist named Chris Cagle. Previously an accomplished songwriter, most well-known for penning tunes for David Kersh, Cagle signed his own record deal in 2000. His debut single, “My Love Goes On and On” was released […] More

Airport Travelers Stop To Sing National Anthem For Children Of Fallen Soldiers

Thousands of hearts have been touched after a video went viral of one powerful national anthem. While bystanders were traveling in and out of Nashville’s busy airport, they got an unforgettable performance. Travelers from all over the country stopped to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” to a plane full of children who have lost their parents […] More

Kane Brown Recruits Jason Aldean To Surprise Young Singer

Country music is known for bringing people together. For one aspiring musician, it brought her together with two of the biggest names in country music right now – Kane Brown and Jason Aldean! Aspiring Talent Chelsea McClendon is one of the many aspiring country singers of the world. After attending college and pursuing a Chemistry degree, she […] More

Complete Stranger Ruins Carrie Underwood’s Favorite Christmas Tradition

Christmas is normally a time of cheer for families – a time when we come together to celebrate and take part in family traditions. Unfortunately, when you’re a celebrity, some of those traditions can get completely ruined by people you don’t even know… An Interview About Tradition During an interview with CMT Radio host, Cody […] More

Emmylou Harris Transforms Slow-Burning Beatles Ballad Into Folk Tune

When The Beatles gained popularity in the 1960s – they started an entire musical revolution. Many have tried to copy the pop stars but none have ever come close. It was the musicians – like Emmylou Harris – who showed respect for their lyrics, that were able to capture The Beatles’ musical genius and present it […] More

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