A Look At Hurricane Ian & Its Aftermath Through Photos & Video

Lee County Sheriff's Office / Facebook

After Category 4 Hurricane Ian tore through the state on Wednesday and Thursday, many homes, businesses and towns have been completely wrecked by the devastating winds and floods.

Since then many photos and videos have emerged on social media showing the magnitude of the colossal damage that left some neighborhoods essentially in ruins.

Below we are going to show you some of the most shocking photos and videos of places that were hit the hardest.

The first thing we’re going to take a look at is Sanibel Island located in Fort Myers which has been devastated.

Another area that will be needing some major reconstruction is the Sanibel Island Causeway. Check out the photos below that were originally taken by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Now if you’re ready to see a video of what it looked like when a strong surge of ocean water slammed into a door, buckling it, take a look at the video below.

Another video was filmed within what appears to be a really nice home in Naples, Florida showing a raging river flowing through the first floor as they stand on the stairs and film the madness unfolding before them.

One lady who appeared to be taking the disaster lightheartedly filmed a video from inside her living room that was flooded about waist-high.

In the video, you can see that she was actually sitting in a blow-up swimming pool in her living room to stay out of the water and weather out the storm. Check out that video below.


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Now what we’re about to show you next is more of a tear-jerking video of a man who was buried under a pile of rubble near The Whale restaurant close to Fort Myers Beach.

A group of people worked together to remove the debris and get him on a board that they used as a makeshift stretcher to carry him away. The man was clearly disorientated and didn’t even know where he was after he was rescued.

Some areas that got extremely flooded brought marine life from the ocean onto the streets of neighborhoods.

One video, in particular, was taken by a local resident who captured a shark swimming down the road in a neighborhood. Check out that video below!

The list goes on and on and the photos and videos are coming in at the thousands. The last video we’re going to show you is a long one (40 minutes) but it’s going to show a lot of the aftermath footage, recovery efforts, and more. Take a look below!

NOTE: Before you watch the video just know that if you would like to help folks in Florida you can donate to these seven official places below:

  1. GoFundMe – How You Can Help: Donate to Hurricane Ian Relief
  2. Team Rubicon
  3. Feeding Tampa Bay
  4. World Central Kitchen
  5. CDP Atlantic Hurricane Season Recovery Fund
  6. Florida Disaster Fund
  7. Good360