ACM ‘Single of the Year’ Nominees Introduced With Hilarious Parody Song

Rich Polk / Contributor / Getty Images

Relive the creative and unexpected way the ACM Award for Single of the Year was presented at the 2024 ceremony.

At the 59th annual ACM Awards, Country artist Ashley McBryde and actor Noah Reid created a hilarious parody song to present the trophy for Single of the Year. The pair comically rewrote the lyrics to the five nominated songs and elicited some tickled reactions from the artists themselves in the crowd.

After discussing how playing guitar can help calm her nerves, Ashley McBryde grabbed a ukulele and dove into playing the first song of the parody. Reid sang, “I’m new in town, I don’t know where I should go / New in town, it’s my first time in Frisco,” to the tune of Parker McCollum’s “Burn It Down.” 

It took McCollum a moment to catch on, but he broke into a smile once he realized what was happening.

ACM / YouTube

Next, poking fun at the amount of celebrity-owned bars popping up in downtown Nashville, McBryde reimagined Luke Combs’ cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” to croon, “Do you have a star bar? / Is it down on Lower Broadway? / Oh, you don’t? Me neither”/ I’ve heard good things about Eric’s place…”

Of course, with the segue, the pair could not resist spoofing Morgan Wallen’s highly publicized arrest after he allegedly hurled a chair off the sixth-floor rooftop of Eric Church’s Chiefs.

Reid sang, “Last night after some alcohol / That chair right over there really started to piss me off / It told me that I threw it at somebody I never met / and my publicist keeps telling me this ain’t over yet,” to the tune of Wallen’s mega-hit “Last Night.”

McBryde brought things back to the present moment and sang ACM Song of the Year “Next Thing You Know” by Jordan Davis. Only she rewrote the lyrics: “Next thing you know, we’re presenting at the ACMs / And the nominees are all guys again / But it’s kind of fun because I made a new friend / I’m a big fan of his shows.” 

ACM / YouTube

Finally, the pair finished off the bit with their own version of Jelly Roll’s “Save Me.” Joking about the prevalence of beards in country music, they sang, “All these country guys kinda need a razor / All these nominees got facial hair.”

ACM / YouTube

After all the fun and games, McBryde and Reid announced the exciting news that Luke Combs won the Single of the Year Award for “Fast Car!”

Watch the hilarious parody song in the video below!