Adam Levine On Blake And Gwen’s Relationship: “It’s Disgusting”

YouTube/Davaaad (Left), YouTube/Access Hollywood (Right)

After just starting to tape one of the many seasons of The Voice, he confessed his true feelings about their relationship in a hilarious interview that’s bound to have you rolling!

While this is far from the first time Adam Levine has seen Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani as coaches on NBC’s hit television singing competition, this was the first time they’ve begun the season as a couple – and he’s basically over it!

Stefani’s first appearance as a coach on The Voice was in 2014 for the 7th season as she stepped in for Christina Aguilera. It wasn’t until she returned during 2015 for the 9th season that she and Shelton began to develop a relationship – and as the live episodes began to air, the chemistry was obvious to anyone watching!

Stefani and Shelton first confirmed their new relationship through a statement in November 2015 and have been happily enjoying each other’s company (even if Adam isn’t). Earlier, the two also revealed that they collaborated on a duet that appeared on Shelton’s 2016 album If I’m Honest.

It sounds like there is no lack of chemistry between the two while they’ve been filming for the newest season – according to Adam! Gwen Stefani returned as a coach for the 2017 spring season of the show and apparently she and Shelton have been “fighting” over some of the new contestants.

“We shot the blinds already,” Adam began telling Access Hollywood. “You should see when they ‘fight’ over someone…and it’s like: ‘Okay, you’re not really fighting’.”

“You should go with her because she’s so great,” He continues mocking their cutesy fighting over contestants. “He’s so great!”

Poor Adam Levine reveals that he’s stuck sitting between the “annoying” love birds during this upcoming season and it sounds like he’s already had enough of it!

“Yeah…it’s annoying already,” He says, adding. “It’s disgusting! It’s just disgusting.”

We know that Levine is just ribbing the high-profile pair because he and Shelton have a bromance full of humor and rife with sarcasm – which makes this interview even more hilarious!

On top of poking fun at some of his closest friends (and coworkers), he also gives Access Hollywood an exclusive look into the intimacies of their relationship and how truly close they are!

Be warned: this interview does contain some very colorful commentary from Adam Levine about the nature of their relationship and some of the things they do behind closed doors!

Watch Adam Levine’s hilarious interview in the video below!