Alabama Car Wash Becomes “Tunnel Of Terror” For Halloween

Twitter / Mickey Ciokajlo

Sick of the same old haunted houses popping up every year around Halloween? Looking for a different way to get your scare on? Well, you might want to check out your local car wash this year.

As it turns out, some car wash companies are taking full advantage of their customer’s addiction to being scared – and their love for a squeaky clean car.

One car wash in Daphne, Alabama will accept a $10 donation for a local charity and, in exchange, will send you through their “Tunnel Of Terror” that will leave you spooked and squeaky clean!

Rich’s Car Wash has been doing this for a few years, and each time – the line grows longer and longer! Who knew that people would want to be strapped in to a car seat and get the daylights scared out of them?

Check out these fun clips from Rich’s annual haunted car wash extravaganza below – and let us know if you’ve ever been to one!