Angler Catches Fish While Stuck In Traffic

@eatworkfish / Instagram

Dylan Hayes was dressed in sweats and crocs, stuck in traffic when a video of him went viral of him fishing on the snowy edge of a bridge on I-70 in Glenwood Canyon during last weekend’s traffic jam.

Dylan said he was stuck in a traffic jam, bumper-to-bumper on the Colorado River bridge when he decided to kill some time due to a traffic jam.

Dylan happened to have his fishing rod stashed in the back of his truck when he found himself stuck on the side of the highway.

As the fisherman was waiting in the traffic jam, he hooked a healthy rainbow trout in front of everyone and the scene was all caught on video.

After Dylan posted the video to Instagram he received dozens of compliments and attaboys about his nice catch. One commenter called it “one of the most productive traffic jams in history.” 

The video was shared to I-70 Things, a feed that features “all the wild things that happen on I-70,” and the post got more than 20,000 views from folks who are familiar with the area.

“Making the most of a Traffic jam in glenwoood canyon,” Dylan Hayes wrote on Instagram as he caught a 12-inch rainbow fish.

Watch Footage Of The Incredible Moment Below