Announcer Says No National Anthem, The Softball Fans Sing It Anyway


A video recently surfaced on the Internet showing an act of patriotism during a softball game. Unfortunately, before the game started, the announcer said they were having technical difficulties so the national anthem would go unsung. The crowd wasn’t about to let that stop them though.

You can hear the announcer speak over the intercom letting the attendees know that due to technical difficulties they will be not be playing the “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Some of the middle school softball girls were on the field ready to sing but after the update from the announcer, they started walking back to the dugout.


The folks in the stands attending the game did not approve of not hearing the national anthem before the game and started singing the song themselves. The girls walking back to the dugout overheard the crowd singing and ran back out to the field, stood in a single-file line, and began singing along with them.

The cameraman panned around and you could see both teams were proudly standing together with their hands on their hearts singing the song. After it ended, everyone cheered and got back to the softball game. Watch the video below.