Woman Finds Coyote On Top Of Her Freezer – “I Didn’t Panic”

Facebook / 101.9 The Bull

One Idaho woman says she has certainly experienced an “unusual” year, and this recent event only adds to the list of things that 2020 has brought to her.

According to a local Boise, Idaho radio station, 101.9 The Bull, a woman who lives in nearby rural Emmett, Idaho recently was surprised by a coyote who had taken refuge on top of her standing freezer in the garage.

“Soooo. Heard some loud banging in my garage. Went in and found a big mess….and a coyote on top of my freezer!” Dolores Nielsen told The Bull.

“I thought at first it was a feral cat. Only saw the color and hindquarters. It was kinda dark in the garage. Then got a little closer and it was ‘what the heck are YOU doing here’. I don’t panic over such things as it’s just part of another day anymore.”

According to Dolores, “It’s been a strange year” and the coyote on top of her freezer just caps off many of the other oddities she’s gone through in 2020. She doesn’t reveal how she resolved the precariously-perched coyote, but does say that she “fired her so-called watchdogs”!

Other adventures from Dolores in the country include a recent run-in with a bull snake in the heater of her pump house.

“Living in the country I guess you get used to the unexpected. Went to my pump house to backflush the filters and I reached for the valve…which is near the heater in there and noticed something off about the heater. A bull snake had gotten chilly and had sprawled out in the heater! I…do…not…like…snakes! They have their place but not near me. Lol. Had to suck it up and turn on the valve. But kept an eye on the snake. Went back later in the day after it warmed up and it had slithered away somewhere. Country living. Love it or leave it and be prepared for the unexpected. Good and bad.”

Check out both the photo of the bull snake and the freezer coyote from Dolores below!