Arrow Sticking Out Of 10-Point Buck’s Head Gets Removed

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency shared a few photos on Facebook showing a deer that was found in Hendersonville with a crossbow bolt in its head.

The agency said after pictures of the mature, 10-point buck that was shot outside of Tennessee’s legal deer hunting season circulated on social media, they found it and tranquilized it to treat the animal on Saturday (Aug 13).

After being sedated, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency spokesperson Barry Cross said officers quickly got to work by removing the bolt from the deer’s head and applying medication to the wound.

The deer was found in the Indian Lake Peninsula area.

“We hope it will survive, and it seemed to be doing okay,” Cross told The Tennessean. Antlers “draw a lot of attention for those who would poach. We have a very liberal deer season, and there is no reason to hunt out of season.”

According to Tennessee’s state law, illegal hunting in the state is a Class B misdemeanor with the potential loss of hunting privileges and payment of restitution for the animal of up to $500 per antler point plus $1000 for the deer.

If the illegal deer hunter in Hendersonville is found, they will be facing up to $6,000 in fines for the incident.

Tennessee officials said there is a legal deer hunting period that goes from Aug 26-28 which is for antlered deer only and only on private land property.

On September 24, the archery season begins with different legal deer hunting periods that will last from then until January which will overlap on weapons that can be used.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency said, “TWRA would like anyone with information related to this incident to contact Sumner Co. wildlife officer [email protected] or the Region II Office at 615-781-6622.”

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