Duane Chapman Reveals How He Got The Nickname “Dog”

Duane "Dog" Chapman / Facebook

We know him as “Dog The Bounty Hunter,” thanks to several successful television shows, but his real name is Duane Chapman.


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We’ve wondered for many years how he got the nickname “Dog,” and in a recent speaking engagement at Source Church, he explained that he was in a motorcycle club when he was 15 years old, but his ID said he was 19. After a while, the president of the club told him, “I’m gonna name you ‘Dog.'”

The president said that it was because it means “loyalty” and “man’s best friend,” and that it was God spelled backwards. Chapman gave an example of his blind loyalty if there was a dispute between one of his brothers and another person, “I’d be the first one at Taco Bell ready to throw down.”

Chapman said during his time in the club, he spoke about God often and when he was told that was why he got the nickname he was so honored. Once he got into bounty hunting, the “Dog” nickname pivoted to be “this dog can hunt.”

Either way, the nickname seems fitting!