Home Free Turns Rascal Flatts’ ‘I Like The Sound Of That’ Into An A Cappella Masterpiece

For years now, the incredible vocal band Home Free has been covering our favorite country songs and putting an a cappella twist to them. They have several videos with over millions of views and each project they do is more and more incredible. https://www.facebook.com/homefreevocalband/photos/a.10151649642814007/10156210383889007/?type=3&theater Covering Rascal Flatts’ number one single, “I Like The Sound Of […] More

Lead Singer Of Popular Country Group Signs On To Perform At Inaugural Ball

Looks like we can add one more artist to the list of country stars performing for the inauguration! Over the course of the past few weeks, we’ve learned of country artists’ involvement in the festivities surround the inauguration. The Randy Rogers Band were the first country artists to announce their role in the inauguration as […] More

Iconic Country Star To Appear In Bizarre ‘Sharknado’ Sci-Fi Movie

In a world tortured by the constant fear of a “shark tornado”, this country superstar lets fear take hold of him as the manager of the ‘Shark World Hotel’. Just seconds into the clip of this cameo-filled, B-rated horror flick, you’ll see one of the iconic members of Rascal Flatts appear and utter “OH MY […] More