Bad Weather Forces Keith Urban To Do The Unimaginable To Make It On Time To Show

Facebook / Keith Urban

Keith Urban had the ride of his life when unexpected weather tried to get in the way of his show. Regardless of a torrential downpour and closed airports, Urban made sure not to let his fans down and there was only one way to do it…

It was May 5th and Urban and his bandmates were set to play at the four-day music festival, Sun Fest in West Palm Beach, Florida. As Urban was a headliner for the last day of the concert, he knew this was one performance he surely couldn’t miss. But mother nature had other plans.

Urban was unable to land at Palm Beach International Airport due to the severity of the storms in the area. After being diverted down to the Miami International Airport – he and his band weren’t allowed to deplane due to lightning strikes. It felt like a hopeless situation until Urban came up with one last plan – to Uber from Miami to West Palm Beach.

Urban, his bandmates, and their Uber driver Echevarria made the 65-mile trek driving over 100 miles per hour to get the eager singer to his destination. Urban even kept fans up to date with his every move, tweeting along the way.

“We may be a little late ….. but WE WILL FREAKIN BE THERE”

And that’s exactly what they did! Once Urban and his crew made it to the concert, fans were ecstatic to see his high-energy take over the stage. Urban was more than thankful for his prompt driver who he referred to as “bad ass” and “his hero” – even crediting him for saving the show!

Following his lively performance, Urban took to social media to thank fans for their patience as his set was pushed back a little bit. Meanwhile, his loyal fans were more than grateful for his appearance. Comments included “worth the wait!” and plenty of thank yous.

Well, there ya have it, folks! Keith Urban is one loyal artist…a true gem!