Bear Belly Flops Into Family’s Pool

singlevisioninc / YouTube

Battling bear-phobia? Well this cuddly brown bear just might be the cure you’ve been looking for!

Living a life of pure luxury, Bruiser the bear enjoys his daily pool play. Climbing up into his sizable above-ground pull complete with his own surf board, Bruiser spends his days belly-flopping into the water, splashing laps around the pull, fumbling his way out, and starting all over again.

“Bruiser,” says the man behind the camera. He continues with “Are you happy bear this morning?”to which the large brown responds with an enthusiastic belly flop back into the pool.

If only having watched this video, you would think brown bears are no less cuddly or friendly as a golden retriever puppy. Bruiser even wanders up to his caretaker during the video to beg for a treat, before playfully retreating back into the pool for a final belly-flop.

The brown bear population has drastically shrunk in size due to fear over the misunderstood creatures with the total population reduced to approximately 200,000. Due mostly impart to poaching, the Himalayan brown bear is critically endangered with its population reduced down to a mere 2 percent of its former range.

You can watch the adorably hysterical brown bear make a splash in the video below!