Bill Engvall Brings The Laughs In Music Video For “Here’s Your Sign Christmas”

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Bill Engvall’s Turns His Signature Line, “Here’s Your Sign,” Into A Hilarious Christmas Song

Like most comedians, Bill Engvall has a signature line. That line is “here’s your sign,” which served as the title to his debut comedy album.

The “here’s your sign” bit had been a routine part of Engvall’s act leading up to his album’s release. After the album made its debut on May 28, 1996, Engvall’s line was exposed to a greater audience than ever before.

To this day, people still lose it any time they hear Engvall tell his series of “here’s your sign” jokes.

The Setup Of The Joke Goes Like This…

These jokes rely on Engvall stating how stupid people need to wear signs to show how stupid they are.

He then leads into the routine, talking about a scenario where someone asks a dumb question with an obvious answer. In response, Engvall will go “here’s your sign,” to indicate the person’s stupidity.

Two years after the release of the Here’s Your Sign album, Engvall decided to spread some holiday cheers and chuckles with a humorous Christmas song.

Called “Here’s Your Sign Christmas,” the comical piece re-entered the charts in the two years following its 1998 release.

“Here’s Your Sign” To Laugh Your Head Off For The Holidays

The song is mostly spoken, with Engvall delivering his “here’s your sign” jokes in between the chorus, when a choir sings, “here’s your sign, here’s your sign, here’s your stupid sign” to the tune of “Jingle Bells.” Each one of Engvall’s jokes is more hilarious than the last, as he references well-known Christmas themes and popular country music stars.

For example, the opening lines invoke country legend Kenny Rogers.

Kenny Rogers, who Bill Engvall mentions in his song "Here's Your Sign Christmas"
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There’s also a music video for “Here’s Your Sign Christmas,” and it adds further to the tune’s hilarious nature.

Bill Engvall’s Christmas Music Video Makes Things Even Better

The video takes place at a Christmas pageant, when Engvall bursts in and crashes the show. He steps out on stage and starts telling his “here’s your sign” jokes, much to the dismay of the pageant’s director.

Hijinks ensue as Engvall gets the cast of the pageant involved in his skit, and people start fighting.

As entertaining as the little show was, only one woman in the audience was watching, but at least she gave the whole thing a positive review!

Engvall closed his rib-tickling Christmas tune with a wish for everyone to have a happy holiday. Watching the music video for “Here’s Your Sign Christmas” is the perfect way to make sure that happens, since you’ll be cracking up through the whole thing!

Tune in below to check out what it’s all about, and prepare to laugh, and laugh some more.