Billy Ray Cyrus Debuts Emotional Music Video With His Children

Facebook / Billy Ray Cyrus

In a moment that will pull at your heartstrings, this country crooner releases a brand new video that features precious moments with his children and is backed by the heart-wrenching lyrics of his song, “Hey Daddy”.

First released in 2006, Billy Ray Cyrus‘ ninth studio album, Wanna Be Your Joe featured a number of impressive tracks, but none more poignant and emotional than this song about a man missing out on his ┬ákids’ lives because of his career.

“Hey Daddy” was penned solely by Cyrus and talks about the questions that children ask of their father because he’s gone so much and is written as a man looking back on the time that flew by realizing that he doesn’t get a second chance.

“Hey daddy why you’re always goin’ away?
Hey daddy can’t you stick around and play?
Can’t you see I’m growing fast, this time here will never last
Hey daddy, think of me today”

The brand new video released by Cyrus on Facebook, features rare clips from his personal collection of family home videos and highlights the time he spent with his own kids while embarking on a busy and demanding music career.

Watch this powerful pairing of imagery and country music in the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.