Dierks Bentley’s 3-Year-Old Son Suffers Terrible Injury

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Country music star Dierks Bentley was forced to cut his rehearsal short and book it to the doctor’s office after his son took a mighty tumble. The singer broke down the scary day during a media roundtable during his no. 1 party for his recent release “Black”, as reported by Taste of Country. Bentley began the story by confirming that he had been at a bluegrass festival having “the best day of [his] life,” as he sang along side his heroes, until the surreal day took an unfortunate turn.

The star’s wife called him to break the painful news about his 3-year-old son Knox’s accident. Describing the home the family was renting for the event, Bentley explained, “There’s a loft above the bunkbeds, about 12-13 feet; he thought his grandfather was going to catch him, but there was an obvious miscommunication there. Little Knox had broken his arm in two separate places, prompting the singer to high tail to the doctor’s office and be with his son.

“I lost a few years of my life,” he admitted. “He was out mostly, so I’m the one that I think suffered the most damage. It was brutal.” Despite the injury, Bentley said he is incredibly grateful that the situation wasn’t worse than the events that transpired. “We’re really lucky, of all the things that could’ve happened, (between) a head injury and neck (injury) … I named him Knox for a reason. I figured, I just knew he was going to be a bruiser, but he’s doing pretty good.”

Get well soon, little guy!