Bindi Irwin Shares Update After Revealing Endometriosis Diagnosis & Surgery

Bindi Irwin / Facebook

Earlier in March, Bindi Irwin shared some personal news with her followers. She revealed she recently underwent surgery for endometriosis, during which “they found 37 lesions, some very deep & difficult to remove, & a chocolate cyst.”

Bindi went into detail about the years of pain she experienced before her diagnosis and surgery. She said:

“For 10yrs I’ve struggled with insurmountable fatigue, pain & nausea. Trying to remain a positive person & hide the pain has been a very long road. These last 10yrs have included many tests, doctors visits, scans, etc. A doctor told me it was simply something you deal with as a woman & I gave up entirely, trying to function through the pain.”

After Bindi’s surgery was complete, she said her doctor’s first words to her were, “How did you live with this much pain?

Bindi thanked her family and friends for supporting her and encouraging her to find answers. She also apologized for all the “cancelled plans” and “unanswered messages” over the years, explaining how she poured every ounce of energy she had left into her family.

The young conservationist and TV personality has a nearly two-year-old daughter, Grace, with her husband Chandler Powell. Knowing how endometriosis can cause fertility issues, she considers Grace to be her “miracle” even more than before:

“Things may look fine on the outside looking in through the window of someone’s life, however, that is not always the case,” she said. “Please be gentle & pause before asking me (or any woman) when we’ll be having more children. After all that my body has gone through, I feel tremendously grateful that we have our gorgeous daughter. She feels like our family’s miracle.”

People praised Bindi for being so vulnerable and sharing her story to help others in the same position. She received tons of supportive comments, and many fans shared their own endometriosis stories.

A week later, Bindi shared a new post thanking her followers for their support since she revealed her diagnosis and surgery. She said:

“I have spent the week reading your kind words and stories of strength through your own experiences with endometriosis. Thank you with all my heart for sharing.”

Bindi said she “can finally see a new me on the journey towards better health.” She’s looking forward to being able to devote her full attention to her family and her conservation work.

Look below to read Bindi’s update in full.

We’re happy to hear Bindi is doing well after her operation! She’ll continue to be in our prayers.