Blake Shelton Blames Onstage Fall On Rapper Pitbull

The Ellen Show / YouTube

Blake Shelton was recently invited on The Ellen Show to promote his vodka brand but things took a hilarious turn when Ellen brought up the cringe-worthy moment Blake fell on stage.

He Just Wanted To Talk About Vodka

Blake went on the Ellen Show recently for some laughs and to talk about his slow-building brand, Smithworks Vodka.

Smithworks Vodka / Instagram

They talked about his vodka for a minute or two but as Ellen went to put it down, Blake invited the talk show host to take a shot with him.

He joked around saying, “You know, if you have it there… I’m your last interview of the day, aren’t I?”

Ellen and Blake took a shot of his vodka together. Even though she took a smaller shot, the look on her face said it all – that stuff must be really strong!

The Ellen Show / YouTube

Blake was staying calm, cool and collected as he threw back his drink but Ellen had a little something up her sleeve she knew would turn Blake bright red!

Ellen Put Him In The Hot Seat

Just as Blake was feeling in control, Ellen decided to flip the script saying, “The drinks you have onstage don’t help you stand up too long.” Right as she said that, you could tell Blake knew exactly what she was talking about.

The Ellen Show / YouTube

Blake had an incident during a show where he completely fell down. During the Pendleton Whiskey Music Fest, he tripped and went down hard. Luckily, he was a pretty good sport about it and even asked his fans if they had a video of the incident.

Blake Shelton / Twitter

Lo and behold, many fans did and one even reposted a slow-motion video of it. While Blake admitted to being a little bit intoxicated, he also blamed his fall on one very famous rapper.

He Blamed A Famous Rapper

Blake wasn’t blaming it all on the booze, though. He told Ellen that there was one other very BIG factor that had him literally tripping.

The Ellen Show / YouTube

After watching the video, he questioned why he came on the show and then began to place blame on none other than his co-performer from that night, Pit Bull.

“You know, I blame that on Pit Bull. [He] was on that show – which is a great combination, by the way, Blake Shelton and Pitbull. So you could imagine how I was feeling. I fell down on stage.”

The combination of sharing a stage with a world-famous rapper and a few boozy beverages proved to be just too much for this country star.

There’s No Hard Feelings

Luckily, despite placing the blame on the rapper – the two still get along. They might come from totally different backgrounds, but both know how to have fun and in the end, that is what really matters.

They are actually working on a movie together that is set to come out in May. Ugly Dolls will feature several celebrity voices, with Blake taking on the character “Ugly Ox” who is an unofficial mayor in the town and Pit Bull playing off his name and taking on the role of “Ugly Dog.”

The two will be joined by other talented actors and musicians such as Gabriel Iglesias, Wanda Sykes, Wang Leehom, and Blake’s Voice co-star, Kelly Clarkson. You can watch Blake relive his embarrassing moment with full detail in the video below and be sure to catch Ugly Dolls in theaters May 2019.