Claire Crosby Goes Country With Father-Daughter Duet “Meant To Be”

The Ellen Show / YouTube

Claire Crosby has a very different life than her fellow schoolyard friends! While she might still be going to class and learning her ABC’s – she has also been performing on national T.V. for over a year now. And this time she went full-on country! 

A YouTube Star Was Born

When Claire was only 3 years old, her father realized she had a natural talent for singing!  A musician himself, he was excited to show off the family talent that got passed down to his daughter. First, he set up a video camera and recorded the tiny talent singing “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid. She became a sensation overnight!

Making It Mainstream

After her stunning Disney cover, Claire didn’t just win the hearts of people on the Internet – she also was invited on talk shows and television shows. Ellen DeGeneres decided to have the father-daughter duo sing live for their program and then blessed them with a fantastic gift any kid would die for!

A New Set Of Skills

Now, a little older – Claire came back to Ellen’s set to perform once again. She admitted to Ellen that coming back again was different this time. She told her that she “feels bigger and more excited.” She then shows off her newly acquired skills on the ukelele!

The Ellen Show / YouTube

She’s Gone Country!

While Claire has mostly stuck to Disney-inspired songs, she decided to give an adorable performance of Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line‘s hit song, “Meant To Be.”  Sitting on the couch with her dad playing the guitar, she gave the sweetest, most innocent cover of the song that we have ever heard.

The Ellen Show / YouTube

It is hard to watch this Ellen Show segment without smiling. Claire’s sweet personality and adorable voice stole the show.

You can watch her interview and performance in the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!