Blake Shelton Brings Up American Idol’s Cancellation During Blind Audition

The Voice / YouTube

For a few years now, we’ve watched Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson go head-to-head on The Voice. They have battled each other for the same contestants and in three out of Clarkson’s six seasons on the show, she has come out victorious. Shelton has won just once since Clarkson’s arrival, yet he is still the winningest coach with seven trophies.

Sometimes, when Clarkson and Shelton are battling it out for a contestant, the original American Idol champion references her singing competition days. Heck, she even reminds people when Shelton doesn’t even have skin in the game!

During a Blind Audition, Clarkson was fighting with John Legend and Nick Jonas for a singer named Deion Warren when she said, “Pick, I don’t know, someone that won a vocal competition.”

In another instance, 17-year-old Gihanna Zoe was having to decide between Clarkson and Jonas when  she stated, “I’ve obviously navigated a singing competition myself before, so I do think there is some strategy to it.”

The other coaches moaned and groaned, but host Carson Daly came to the Emmy-winning talk show host’s defense.

She’s won a show just like this! Arguably she knows more about this than any of you,” he said, and without hesitation, Shelton replied, “That show was cancelled!

As most know, Idol was cancelled by Fox in 2016, but it was brought back by ABC not long after and is currently in its fourth season. Fans on Twitter thought that line by Shelton was hilarious!

Clearly, Clarkson’s strategy worked because Gihanna ended up choosing Clarkson as her coach. Watch that audition below.